Recent Projects

Post Truth

May 2017

Drawing on behavioural science, economics, psychology and his knowledge of the media, Evan sets out to explore the surprising logic of the bullshit we encounter. He ends by providing readers with a tool-kit to handle the kinds of deceptions we encounter every day, and charts a route through the muddy waters of the post-truth age.


Mind the Gap

March 2014

A two-part series exploring the polarising forces behind the divergent economic performance of the London and south-east regions as compared with the rest of the UK. Evan examines the case for increased investment in the east-west M62 corridor to create a city-region that could rival London’s gravitational pull.


Built in Britain

October 2012

The first programme takes a sympathetic look at the case for increasing the proportion of our economy devoted to infrastructure. The second programme suggests that we are in a better position to invest in infrastructure than we have been for many years, as we have improved our record at delivering large scale construction projects.


Made in Britain

A three part BBC2 series that first aired in June 2011

There is also an accompanying book, published by Little Brown. Read the reviews or purchase a copy at Amazon. For a summary of the main arguments of Made in Britain, click here.


Breaking into Britain

A special edition of Panorama broadcast in June 2011

In this eye-opening programme, two reporters (Shoaib Sharifi and Kassim Kayira) traced the routes followed migrants attempting to enter Britain illegally. You can read Evan’s blog on the programme here.


Business Nightmares

A three part BBC2 series that first aired in the Spring of 2011

Each episode took a close look at a number of stories of business disasters. Click here to read Evan’s thoughts on the programme at the time.